feeds.sh [beta]

An rss email notification service


Create your account with Public-Key Cryptography

To get started, simply ssh into our content management system:

ssh new@feeds.sh
note: new is a special username that will always send you to account creation.
note: getting permission denied? read this

After that, set a username and email and then you're ready!

Subscribe to feeds

Use lists.sh/spec to create a txt file named daily.txt (as an example).

Then add your email, the digest interval, and the rss feeds for which you want to receive email notifications.

=: email rss@myemail.com
=: digest_interval 1day
=> https://hey.prose.sh/rss
=> https://hey.lists.sh/rss
=> https://erock.prose.sh/rss

Then copy the file to our server

scp daily.txt feeds.sh:/

Using this example, we will send a daily digest of new posts to the email specified.


We don't do anything with your email besides send an email digest. If you delete the post containing your email address, we no longer have you email address.

Posts are also not accessible by the public and we provide no endpoints to view these posts.

Plain text format

A simple list specification that is flexible and with no frills.



  1. Require user to click link in digest to continue receiving digest
  2. Web RSS reader?